Dubrovnik Mount Srd

5 ways to get up to Mount Srd, Dubrovnik

The  city of Dubrovnik has been seeing a steady spike in tourism in the recent years, largely attributed to the hit TV-series, Game of Thrones. Several iconic scenes in the show were filmed in the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik, where you would find streets made of cobblestone and smooth marble. Besides venturing into the Old Town of Dubrovnik (see full itinerary here), many come here to have an aerial view of Dubrovnik’s coastline at the summit of Mt. Srd as well. In this article, I will share with you 5 ways to get up to the summit of Mount Srd.

About Mount Srd

Mount Srd is located just behind Dubrovnik and has a height of 393 metres above the sea level. The mountain is also known as the protector of Dubrovnik. It acted as a shield for the Croatians during their earlier wars and battles. 

The summit offers a stunning aerial view of Dubrovnik where you can witness the sunsetting across the horizon. From here, it is possible to see the city of Dubrovnik, Lokrum island, the Ariatic Sea and various local attractions. There are 5 ways of getting to the top depending on your preference.


5 Ways to get up to Mount Srd

1. Dubrovnik Cable Car

The lower cable car station can be found just outside the walled city of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It is a short 7-minute walk from Stradun street and has been operating since 1969 for visitors to enjoy the panoramic views of Dubrovnik. 

Adult round-trip ticket:
170 HRK
Adult one-way ticket: 90 HRK
Children round-trip ticket (4-12 years old): 60 HRK
Children one-way ticket (4-12 years old): 40 HRK

The cable car station opens at 9am everyday and closes at about 6-7pm depending on the time of the year. You may visit their website here to see the complete schedule.

Alternatively, you can also book a Full Day Guided Walking Tour with Cable Car Ride to Mount Srd if you prefer to have a guide to show you around.

2. Drive a Buggy

An extremely fun way to get up Mount Srd is to ride a Buggy up it. You can easily book Cable Car and Buggy Safari Tickets online to join in the tour. During the expedition, you will also be given free time to explore the Imperial Fortress, War Museum, or enjoy the views of Dubrovnik on a terrace.

Image Credits to Getyourguide

3. Hiking

The hike up to Mount Srd from the trail entrance will take you about 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your fitness level. The trail head can be easily found along Jadranska Cresta street. It can be seen as the green zig zag line on google maps below. 

During your hike up to Mount Srd, you will be treated with a splendid aerial view of Dubrovnik from different angles and it is probably the most strenuous, yet rewarding way to see Mount Srd. The path up is rocky but not too steep due to it’s zig-zag pattern so it is still a relatively easy hike. However, it is still be better to wear proper walking shoes as its possible to slip on the gravel road. 

Things to pack:
1. Lots of water
2. Sun hat/cap 
3. Walking shoes
4. Camera
5. Towel

4. Local Bus #17

Taking the local bus up to Moutn Srd is probably the cheapest option if you’re not looking for an exhausting hike. In all areas of Dubrovnik, buses run according to a timetable, between intervals of every 10 minutes to every half hour.

Directions: Get on bus #17 from Pile Gate heading to Bosanka. You can purchase the bus tickets from the driver on the bus for 15 HRK per person.

However, the local bus will not take you all the way to the summit where you can be at the highest view point of Mount Srd. You will have to alight at the last stop which is at Bosanka Bus Stop and hike about 20-30 minutes up to the summit. Taking the local bus is a lot cheaper than the cable car ride and less tiring than starting the hike up from Old Town. I have attached a screenshot of the bus route for your reference here:

5. By Car – Organised Tour

Lastly, you can opt for a tour package to explore Mount Srd by car or minivan. Most tours include other areas of Dubrovnik as well such as a walking tour of Old Town and sightseeing at Franjo Tudman Bridge. You can either book a tour online in advance or reserve a spot among the street tour vendors just outside of Old Town’s entrances.


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